We are a National initiative, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization benefiting those willing and able to help themselves. With hundreds and thousands of Homeless in America, a large percentage of them need a helping hand. Our goal is to have a place where the homeless can live, work and have pride.

On any given night, you will find over 600,000 homeless in shelters, transitional housing, living on the streets, some unaccounted for, most all chronically homeless.

There are thousands of veterans that have been diagnosed with “PTSD.” Due to the recession, thousands of Americans have lost their homes. Thousands of children and young adults are aging out of all types of programs, foster care, juvenile jail facilities, mental illness facilities, and young adults aging out of school programs. Thousands of young women are trapped in sex trafficking and feel they have no way out.

Project Home America gives people a place to live, work and develop a sense of security, family network, and relationship. We will partner with cities across America. Through private donations, cities will aid in support, helping Project Home America and its city’s homeless.

Homelessness has no age, gender, ethnicity; they are real people, many who want change.

With Project Home America, your help, and with many resources, we will be

able to house “One homeless person at a time,” making a difference, a world of difference.