Questions about Santa Ana and the homeless: Letters


Re “Santa Ana moves to sue the county, three cities that rejected shelter sites” (April 20):

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his City Council are at it again. They have welcomed everyone into their city, being one of the first cities in California to be a sanctuary city for undocumented people.

But Santa Ana doesn’t want the homeless to stay because the homeless cost them $17.4 milion a year. Now they are filing a lawsuit against the County of Orange and the three cities that have fought against setting up homeless shelters to house the people who now call Santa Ana their home.

The article stated that of 100 homeless polled, these homeless are from 17 cities. Two questions: How many of the homeless are from Orange County and how many are from out of the county borders? How many of these are undocumented? We want to know if the County of Orange is paying for homeless trying to move to Orange County?

And since Santa Ana is a sanctuary city, is the City Council trying to move undocumented homeless to other cities in the county?

— Jeanette Brooks,  Laguna Hills